Ike (we_like_me) wrote in smashbreakroom,


*Ike walks into the break room holding a Chinese takeout box with "SAMUS" written on the side in sharpie marker. He is eating out of it.*

Hnm mrrph frng--

*Stops and takes a minute to finish eating.*

...Have any of you seen my sword? Ragnell? It's this big *motions with hands*, golden, blessed by a goddess, has a weight rating of 20, I swing it around while saying PREPARE YOURSELF... usually I keep it with me at all times so I can avenge my father at a moment's notice, but last night when I was going to get something out of the fridge, someone put their hand over my mouth and I blacked out, and I guess I dropped my sword somewhere. I'm not sure who that was, but maybe they know where Ragnell is. I just woke up an hour ago in the hallway outside my room with Captain Falcon staring at me.

So what's on TV? More Antiques Roadshow? *flops down onto the sofa and reaches for the remote*
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