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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Break Room Roleplay
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Welcome to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Break Room!
It's like a dressing room for Brawl characters, but with a setting!

rp guidelines
This RP centers around the "break room" where all the characters go to relax, hang out, steal each others' food from the fridge, whatever. There are also the Brawl fighting stages which are inside large rooms, the apartment rooms inside an attached apartment building, a storage closet full of items, one shower that everyone has to take turns sharing and blaming each other for leaving hair in the drain, and so on.
You can make up whatever is in the rooms. Feel free to invent other rooms or go outside to other buildings or go on vacation. You're not limited to the rooms listed here. Feel free to make other places up. And you don't have to stay in your assigned living area, you can move around wherever you'd like.
You can't play as any character not suggested in the following guidelines.
...But mods may occasionally allow some posts where characters that don't appear in Smash Bros get to visit, if you ask nicely. Bribery works, too.

playable characters
Multiples are allowed. Make as many characters as you want. There is no application process.
Brawl fighters are allowed. They are assigned to live in the apartments. They can be stuck with roommates or live on their own.
Alternate color costume characters such as Dark Link are fine.
Dr. Mario, Roy, the Ocarina of Time version of Link/Young Link/Zelda/Ganondorf, Pichu, and Mewtwo can try to visit, but they were evicted when the new Brawl fighters moved in and may be evicted again.
Brawl enemies such as subspace monsters and bosses are allowed. They are assigned to live in the apartments.
Assist trophy characters are allowed, but they come from cramped little glass domes.
Pokemon that appear in Brawl are allowed, but they come from cramped little PokeBalls.
Other items that appear in Brawl are playable... if you're actually into that.
Stage background cameo characters such as Metal Gear Gekko or Knuckles the Echidna are playable, but they are assigned to live in the stage room they appear in. They can only be played as they appear; for example, Colonel Roy Campbell is limited to codec calls and background F-Zero racers can't leave their cars.

other very important things
Sparkles are awesome.
These comics are awesome.
brawl_master and fruity_fingers run this place. They are your mods.
Don't be a jerk to other players.
Use character journals, don't use personal journals.
No godmoding without permission.
Our chatroom is in IRC. The server is irc.mixxnet.net and the channel is #breakroom. There's several ways you can join, you can use Mibbit, you can use Mixxnet's Java chat, or you can download a client.

If you have questions, feel free to PM a mod or look for them in IRC.

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